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The Department of Mathematics started it journey with general course in mathematics in the academic year 1980. Although in the meanwhile Rabindra Mahavidyalaya had been running with many of its Honours subjects but introduction of Honours in Mathematics was long delayed. So it was just like a delicious dish without any salt. But at last our institution has opened  Honours in Mathematics in the year 2012 with one full time teacher, Dr. Krishna Kumar Mondal (M.Sc, Ph. D, Assistant Professor) as H.O.D, one part-time teacher (SACT), Mr. Ashish Pal (M.Sc.) and two other guest teachers. After a long time, one full time teacher, Dr. Shuvojit Mondal (M.Sc, Ph. D, Assistant Professor ) and one SACT, Mr. Rajkumar Kabi (M.Sc., B.Ed) have joined in our department in the year 2017. So, at present situation, the Department is running with four fauclty members along with Dr. Sadananda Chatterjee (M.Sc, Ph. D, Assistant Professor in Statistics), who has joined in our college in the year 2019, also takes classes in our Department. The present student strength in Honours course is 60.

Dr. Shuvojit Mondal has recently completed the charge of Headship from 14.11.2018 to 31.12.2021.At present days, Dr. Krishna Kr. Mondal has taken the charge of Headship of the Department (H.O.D) w.e.f 01.01.2022. The Department has no fixed place from it's begining. But in the year 2019, Our college has provided a fixed place (one Staff room & three Classrooms) along with all the necessary equipments for running the departmental work smoothly. Nowdays, department is enriched with several facilities. Apart from the central Library which provides the students of this department with almost all necessary books, the Department has a departmental library (Seminar Library) of it's own. In addition, the staff room has a Laptop with internet connectivity. The Departmental Students perform their practical classes in a Computer Laboratory (LRC) which is situated in the Science building of this College. Departmental seminars have been organized as a part of student’s activity. The faculty members perform Career Counseling/Mentoring of the students to motivate them and enrich their knowledge which in turn help them to built up their future career.  The department use to organize the remedial class, tutorial classes in a digitalized form time to time to enrich their knowledge and exposure. The students of the Department of Mathematics are achieving good results in University examinations for last few years and Some of our passed out students have got admissions in Post Graduation courses in different Universities/Institutions. Last but not the least, students of this Department are also cracking different competitive examinations and some of them are well placed in different sectors.

We all are trying our level best to bring out the maximum output from the department, but still it is in embryonic stage and has to do a lot for its all round development.