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The mission of this college is succinctly expressed in the Sanskrit adage of “Vimuktasya vimuchyate” that originally occurred in ‘Vishnun Sahasranam’. This pertains to the highest attribute of a ‘liberated man’: a liberated soul can attain to a state of perfection through a continual exercise of his or her sense of liberty. ‘Jnan’ or ‘Knowledge’ is the only means by which this rare quality of freedom may be gained. A past wisdom thus recombined with the present task of knowledge-gathering and dissemination may make our mission a truly unique and an appropriate one bringing us ever closer to the vision.



“Making an enlightened, informed and confident local community” is the vision of our college which truly enshrines a collective aspiration of an essentially rural populace that once dreamt of education as a viable means of social progress. Tagore had his vision of a cosmopolitan brotherhood based on a steady exchange of educational means and cultural values between India and the rest of the world and it materialized in the birth of Visva Bharati. Our small college with all its myriad aspects of rural backwardness in a way truly follows in the path of Rabindranath. As an agency of higher education, it brings in the blessings of advancement and the benefits of enlightenment so that the people that live in and around Champadanga may gain into confidence and may try to be at par with other, more advanced sections of the society, traditionally known and respected for their greater quantum of achievement.