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Learning Resource Centre

A fully equipped computer centre has been established as a Learning Resource Centre for staff and students to inculcate learner-centric process in the existing framework of syllabus. This LRC center is situated in the 1st floor of Science building of this college. This center is established with two rooms. One is used for Computer Laboratory & another one is used as Digital Classroom. There are Six well equipped Computers and a Projecotr with all necessary items. High Speed internet facility is available there. Department of Mathematics, Physics, Economics, Geography & Education conduct their Computer practical classes in regular basis. The important features of this centre are:

►Resource of supplementary course materials in electronic format.

►Use of computer laboratory for the staff and the students for educational purpose.

►This center is also used for Departmental Seminar &Conference.


A journal containing articles/essays by teachers on different subjects and book reviews is brought out from time to time for academic enrichment of the teachers, staff and the students.