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 National Service Scheme (NSS)

The Education Commission (1964-66) headed by Dr. D.S. Kothari recommended that students at all stages of education be associated with some form of social service. After several debates and discussions, the Union Education Minister in 1969, with the support of University Grants Commission, launched the programme of NSS in the colleges. Our college has arranged for NSS programmes. There are three units of NSS with three hundred students.

NSS Office:

Dr. Atanu Das, NSS Programme Officer

Dr. Vivekananda Meta, NSS Programme Officer

Haripada Dhara, NSS Programme Officer



Social Activities by NSS and Nature's Club

A team of 120 students of NSS enrolled together with the Nature’ Club unit of the college together with the teaching and nonteaching staff of respective units jointly organized a project of cleaning the college environment. The main objective of this project was to spread an awareness regarding conservation of our natural resources and nature.To conduct the same, the students were divided in three groups. First group was given the task of cleaning the Medicinal Garden of our college. The students cleaned the unwanted weeds, dig out the areas of the already planted trees, watered them properly. Apart from this they also studied about the plants with medicinal importance, in order to spread their uses among the common people of the village.

Principal’s lecture                                     Students are cleaning                                         

regarding Nature Conciousness                 the Kusum Vatika      

                 NSS 1 Day camp           NSS 7 Days camp