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20 August 2022 One Day Workshop on “Career prospects in science” Department of Physics IQAC Dr. Kuntal Ghosh Chemistry of Life from matter: physics of mind & brain  

All HoDs are requested to follow the Program Guidelines for conduction of Seminar, Webinar, Special lecture & Workshop which is given in following.

Program Guidelines for the Session 2020-2021

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Schedule & Details for the Session 2020-2021

Sr. No. Topic Organizing Department/Sub-committee Collaborator Resource Person Tentative Date/Tennure Schedule/Brochure Link
1 Special Lecture on "Panchayati Raj in India"  Political Science IQAC & IT Mr. Debraj Bhattacharya 19.06.2021 images/uploads/Brochure for Special Lecture on Panchayati Raj in India.pdf
2 Special Lecture on "দূর্গাপূজার বিবর্তন" & "ভদ্রলোক নিয়ে দু’চার কথা" History IQAC & IT Mr. Susanta Paul , Prof. Parimal Ghosh & Mr. Debraj Bhattacharya  26.06.2021 & 03.07.2021 images/uploads/Brochure for Special Lecture in History Department.pdf
3 Special Lecture on "Gravitational Waves"  Mathematics & Physics IQAC & IT
Dr. Sarbari Guha
 02.07.2021 images/uploads/Brochure for Seminar on Gravitational Waves.pdf
4 Scientific Popular Talk on "Antibiotics" Botany IT Ms. Tanushree De 04.07.2021 images/uploads/Scientific Popular Talk on Botany.pdf
5 Special Lecture on"প্রস্তুতি পাঠশালা" Bengali IQAC & IT Prof. Abhisekh Basu 02.07.2021 & 03.07.2021

images/uploads/Seminar in Bengali (Day 1).pdf 


images/uploads/Seminar in Bengali (Day 2).pdf

6 Seminar on "Bio-Mathematics" Mathematics & Botany IQAC & IT

Dr. Tanmay Chowdhury & Dr. Niloy Kundu

17.07.2021 images/uploads/Brochure for Special Lecture on Bio-Mathematics.pdf
7 One Day Placement Orientation Program Placement Cell IQAC & IT
Mr. Krishna Sadhan Adhikari
19.07.2021 images/uploads/Placement Cell Program.pdf
8 Special Lecture on "অকালের সন্ধানে" Mathematics & Philosophy IQAC & IT Dr. Pinaki Bhattacharya  22.07.2021 images/uploads/Brochure for SL on Story of Time and Timelessness.pdf
9 Two Days Special Lecture on "শতবর্ষে সত্যজিৎ Bengali IQAC & IT অধ্যাপক অনিন্দ্য সেনগুপ্ত  ও  দেবাশীস মুখোপাধ্যায় 26.07.2021 & 27.07.2021 images/uploads/Brochure of 100 Years of Satyajit.pdf
10 Special Lecture Series on "Spoken Sanskrit" Sanskrit IQAC & IT Dr. Kashinath Nandi 21.07.2021 to 28.07.2021 Completed
11 Special Lecture on "Study of interactions of biological components GFMs" Chemistry IQAC & IT Dr. Siddhartha Pal 06.08.2021 images/uploads/Special Lecture in Chemistry.pdf
12 Cultural Programme on "Baishe Srabon" Cultural Sub-committee IQAC & IT - 08.08.2021 images/uploads/২২শে শ্রাবণ.pdf
13 Exhibition on "Rabindranath Tagore" for "Baishe Srabon" Library Sub-committee IQAC & IT - 08.08.2021 to 14.08.2021 images/uploads/Exhibition on Rabindranath Tagore.pdf
14 Special Lecture on "Independence Day" IT & Cultural Sub-committee IQAC

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15.08.2021 images/uploads/Flyer for Special Lecture on Independence Day.pdf
15 Scientific Talk on "Glimpses of Bioinformatics for the Beginners" Botany IQAC & IT Dr, Rajib Bandopadhyay & Dr. Sayak Ganguli 11.09.2021 images/uploads/Popular Talk on Bioinformatics.pdf
16 Cultural Programme on "Teachers' Day" Cultural Sub-committee IQAC & IT - 05.09.2021 images/uploads/Teachers day Programme 2021.pdf
17 Special Lecture on ""Predictably Irrational" Commerce & Economics IQAC & IT Mr. Amitava Gupta, Assistant Editor, Anandabazar Patrika 18.09.2021 images/uploads/Brochure_Dept. of Commerce and Economics_18.09.2021.pdf